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How to take better screenshots in Windows 10?

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How to take better screenshots in Windows 10? Windows 10 includes a function to capture the screen using the Print Screen key, but it is something very basic that usually falls short in features for many users. We present you 5 free applications to take better screenshots in Windows 10 in a very simple way. All these tools include advanced selection options, as well as editing possibilities, and some of them even allow you to create videos without resorting to other tools.

How to take better screenshots in Windows 10?


LightShot is a very lightweight and advanced screen capture tool. It has a very simple to use system that gives us the possibility to select the area of ​​the screen that we want to save, in addition to making some small adjustments directly in the program. Editing tools include a trimmer, pencil, pen, rectangles, arrows, and changing the color of the selection.

It also offers us the possibility of searching for the selected image in Google and saving the images in the cloud to be able to access them from any device and anywhere. In short, many more possibilities than the classic copy and paste to Paint.


We continue with Greenshot, an open source project and therefore open to the entire developer community. In this case, some basic image editing tools are also included to avoid having to resort to other tools. An interesting function is that it allows to copy very long pages and to highlight regions of the image to our liking . This aspect will be especially useful for users looking to do tutorials.


How to take better screenshots in Windows 10?
How to take better screenshots in Windows 10?

ShareX is another open source project that offers us many possibilities. Allows you to conveniently select the screen area to capture, even in multi-monitor configurations . An advantage over the previous ones is that it includes text recognition (OCR) to be able to extract texts from images quickly.

Once the image is selected, we can save it on the PC, in the cloud and even share it on a multitude of social networks, a hosting server, send it by mail and upload it to a local server by FTP. It is the ideal application if you want to share your captures on social networks comfortably.

Screenshot Captor

The most notable strength of Screenshot Captor is that we can do automatic scrolling to save the entire screen and not just the visible area . Something that will be very useful when doing tutorials and other tasks. It also includes an extension to record videos, as we can see it is a very complete tool.

Its image editing functions allow you to mark areas with different cliparts to highlight what interests us, in this way you can focus the attention of visitors in the way that suits you best.


Monosnap is another application to capture the screen that allows us to save videos. Its image capture functions are quite advanced, being able to select fragments of the screen, edit them and even enter text comments. It also offers a simple video editor so you can add the audio from your microphone in a very simple way.

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