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How to number pages in a Word document?

How to number pages in a Word document?
How to number pages in a Word document?

In this article, we will show you how to number the pages in a Word document, either from the first page, after the cover or from a separate page.

Microsoft Word, like other Microsoft Office alternatives, has different options that allow us to list pages from the beginning or from any page. If the options for listing pages in Word were visible to the naked eye in previous versions of the program, they are currently hidden from neophyte user eyes. Today, we will show you to number pages in Word manually and automatically.

How to number pages in a Word document manually?

Listing or numbering pages in Word is a really simple process if you know how to use the appropriate options.

Once we open the document that we want to number its pages with Microsoft Word, we will have to double-click on the top or bottom of the document to start editing the header and footer of the document. Then, a dividing line will appear that separates the header or the footer from the rest of the document.

The next step to add numbers to the pages in Word is pretty easy; first, go to the Header and footer section that will appear in the upper bar of the software. To list the pages in Word, click the Page number option and again on the name option.

Within the same page number option, we can change the page number by which the document starts the count. For example, if we want to start numbering from 2, we can set the number to the Start at option.

In the event that we want to personalize the numbering, we can do it in the Footer section that is located right next to the Page number. We can add shapes, images, author’s text and a multitude of parameters.

How to insert a page number in Word from  a specific page?

If we want to number the pages in Word from a specific page, we can do it by resorting to page breaks.

Within the document, go to the page before the page where you want to start the numbering. That is, if we want to number from Chapter 1 of a work, we will have to go to the index. Then, we will go to the Format tab and click on Jumps to select Next page in Section breaks.

The next thing we will have to do is go to the page where we want to start numbering the document and double click on the header or footer to edit the numbering. Next, we will click on Link to the previous one to unlink the page from all the previous ones.

The process to follow from now on is exactly the same as we have explained previously to add the numbering on the second or third page (or whatever we have selected).

How to remove the page number from the cover page in Word?

In case you want to start numbering the Word document right after the cover, the process in this case is as simple as going back to the Page number option and unchecking the Show number option on the first page.

We must bear in mind that Word will begin to number the document by 2 in this case, which is why we must press Format and change Start to the number for the desired one (0 if we want the first page to show number 1).


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