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This Instagram bug shows the camera indicator on iOS 14 by mistake

This Instagram bug shows the camera indicator on iOS 14 by mistake
This Instagram bug shows the camera indicator on iOS 14 by mistake

iOS 14 beta shows that Instagram is accessing the user’s camera without their permission by mistake. And Instagram admitted that this is an error, and that it is already being resolved so that the notification won’t appear.

Different users are reporting a bug in the Instagram app when it is running on a device with the beta version of iOS 14, where the camera indicator appears by mistake activated while they are using the popular photography app, and simply when they were scrolling through the feeds, without taking any photos or videos.

This is especially interesting, because the iPhone’s camera light pilot would be activating when Instagram is running, and without the user having unlocked their camera to take a photo or video. From Instagram they have commented to TheVerge that the behavior is an error and that work is being done to fix it.

“We only access your camera when you ask us to, for example when you go from the feed to the camera. We have found and are fixing this bug in the iOS 14 beta that erroneously indicates that some people are using the camera when they are not, “said the spokesperson. ” We do not access his camera in those cases, and content is not recorded,” they added.

This failure is derived from the behavior of iOS 14 that warns about applications that take a series of additional behaviors such as the use of the clipboard or in this case the use of the camera. Regarding this failure, it seems that at no time does the application turn on the user’s camera.

Previously, thanks to iOS 14, it was discovered that some applications, such as TikTok or LinkedIn, accessed users’ clipboards, which undoubtedly put consumer privacy in check and would make it easier for external applications to obtain confidential information that the user has temporarily stored in the clipboard.

iOS 14 will be launched along with the new iPhones between September and October of this year, and it will surely end up “hunting” the odd application by borrowing the camera without your consent or the aforementioned clipboard.