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Instagram added a “least interacted with” filter

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Instagram is currently rolling out an update for the app that allows you to see the people who are very active in your feed or the people with whom you least interacted with.

The new Instagram filter shows the people whom you least interacted with

The company announced the new features through their Twitter account.  In addition to the options mentioned above, you can also filter people you have followed for the longest time.

Since your interests can change over time and your group of friends change, Instagram tries to respond to that, by showing you very clearly who you have been following for a long time and for what extent they interact with your daily content.

This way you can better determine which accounts you no longer need to follow or which might feel annoying. Instagram preapres the lists by looking at the data for the last 90 days of activity.

The update is now being rolled out to everyone. This is a server-side switch: that means that you don’t have to download anything, but that the options will be added in the background.

You can check whether you have received the update by going to your profile page and then tapping to the list of people you follow. If you see two new options at the top, it means that you already got the update.

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