Microsoft Teams has a feature called Together for virtual auditorums

Microsoft Teams has a feature called Together for virtual auditorums
Microsoft Teams has a feature called Together for virtual auditorums

With a new function called Together, Microsoft Teams is bringing video conference participants closer together with virtual auditorums. There will also be video filters and an emoji functions soon.

Microsoft Teams will now have virtual auditorums with its Together feature

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the exchange with colleagues has in many cases only taken place via video conference. Microsoft is now reacting to this fact and has given teams a new function to the communication solution, which should make video conferences at least a little bit more like real meetings: The participants of the video conference are separated from their respective backgrounds by AI and together in a kind of virtual lecture hall shown.

Microsoft calls the function Together mode. This is particularly useful for meetings in which several people have to speak. For example, in discussions or brainstorming sessions. According to Microsoft, the Together view makes it easier to see who is talking. The auditorium view is now being rolled out and should be available to all team users by August 2020. Further views for the Together mode are to be published later.

Microsoft Teams gets video filters and emojis

The classic video conference view also has a number of new functions. This includes various video filters that participants can use to adjust the brightness or digitally change the camera focus, for example, before entering the conference. In addition, it should soon be possible to respond to what has been said with emojis, which are then briefly displayed above your own video tile.

In addition, Microsoft wants to display text messages in a prominent position in video conferences: Instead of displaying them in an additional window as before, teams will soon display them in a kind of speech bubble. For example, participants should no longer be distracted from text messages as much as before.

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