Slack integrates Microsoft Teams and Zoom video calls

At the beginning of this week, Slack announced that Microsoft Teams would soon be integrated into their own application and now it includes more video chat tools such as Zoom, Cisco Jabber, Ringcentral and Dialpad. A beta version of an app for calls via Microsoft Teams Calls is available for integration in Slack.

How to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls over Slack?

Slack users can set Microsoft Teams Calls as the preferred provider for video calling in Slack. Then a user can contact another person using the handset icon and use the Microsoft service. It should also be possible to join an existing video conference. In addition, users can also participate in teams’ video conferences via a reminder in Microsoft’s Outlook calendar.

In addition to Microsoft Teams, Slack now supports VoIP calls via Zoom, Cisco Jabber, Ringcentral and Dialpad. This enables Slack users to use these providers for calls directly from the Slack interface. Slack already has an integration for the video conferencing service Cisco Webex in the program.

Slack rushed to catch the video call hype rose from coronavirus epidemic

Last month, Slack saw a 350 percent increase in video calls through their app. The reason for this is that due to the restrictions about the coronavirus epidemic. It seems more and more people worldwide have to work from home office. This has also set a new user record. The service had 12.5 million active users last week. Microsoft Teams had recently reported an increase of  20% which means 44 million daily active users.

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