Important acquisition by Zoom: Keybase will bring end-to-end encryption

Important acquisition by Zoom Keybase will bring end-to-end encryption

Keybase, a company that offers services such as chat, file sharing with end-to-end encryption, was acquired by Zoom. While the transaction details were not shared, it was stated that Zoom will continue to develop the Keybase platform.

Video conferencing based communication platform Zoom, continues to find quick solutions to its security and privacy problems within the scope of their 90-day plan. The company now aims to update its AES 256-bit GCM encryption, which was announced with the latest update (Zoom 5.0). With Keybase acquisition, Zoom plans to take the its encryption capacity to a next level and offer end-to-end encryption (E2E).

After the acquisition, Keybase’s cryptographers will join the Zoom engineering team, and Keybase CEO Max Krohn will lead this team. Krohn will report directly to Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan.

Keybase will continue to exist as a company within Zoom and will continue to develop its own products with the contribution of Zoom.

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