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AMD may postpone Ryzen 4000 series launch to 2021

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According to reports from Vietnam, AMD may delay the Ryzen 3 4000 series with Zen 3 architecture launch until early 2021. The reason for this is not a problem, the company just does not want to cut sales of its other products.

Why does AMD plan to delay the launch of Ryzen 4000 series?

Due to the worldwide epidemic, the supply chain behind many products broke down in 2020, and many companies had to allow their employees go. Firms also had to postpone the release date of their new products.

AMD, the rising star of the processor market lately, can also delay the Ryzen 4000 series with Zen 3 processors. On the other hand, it is not because of a problem in manufacturing or anything else behind the company’s decision, the only reason is that the sales are very good now.

AMD does not want to cut its own sales

AMD will enable its own products to be used in next-generation consoles. So the company’s current products are in great demand. There is also good progress in sales. Zen 2 processors are in a very strong position.

AMD may postpone Ryzen 4000 series launch dateto 2021

Previous news and AMD’s official roadmap included information that 7nm EUV processors with Zen 3 architecture will be released later this year. This move was expected to strengthen the firm’s position in the x86 market.

On the other hand, considering that the 10nm architecture processors chosen by Intel as the flagship this year, especially AMD is not very competitive at the current prices, AMD decided to draw a new roadmap for itself.

AMD can surprise you

Another claim is that AMD can directly bypass the 7nm infrastructure. According to the rumors, the company can directly switch to 5 nm infrastructure. We’ve heard similar rumors before, so AMD’s move will not be very interesting.

On the other hand, it is useful to approach these news with some skepticism. Large companies such as AMD do not prefer to change their plans easily. Although AMD has indeed made such a decision, it is expected to appear on the Internet first.

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