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The specs of AMD Ryzen C7 for smartphones

The specs and features of AMD Ryzen C7 for smartphones

Finally, the specs for the AMD Ryzen C7 are here!

Intel tried to enter the smartphone market a few years ago. With a rather meager result, the implementation of x86 architecture on such small devices turned out to be a failure. Although we must admit that Asus had in its offer some interesting smartphones powered by Intel chips. In 2020, AMD is following the footsteps of its biggest rival. However, AMD may not make the same mistakes.

AMD might beat Intel’s smartphone story

AMD’s huge popularity in the PC segment thanks to Ryzen processors is fully deserved. The price-performance ratio is amazing. In contrast, integrated Vega graphics systems allow for pleasant gameplay in even demanding titles.

A few years ago, playing on integrated graphics sounded like a stupid idea. Now you can play The Witcher 3 on medium-high settings at around 40 FPS. Although at 720p, but still integrated graphics!

Today, however, AMD wants to enter the smartphone market. Of course, the success on the PC market does not mean that the smartphones with Ryzen chips will be a success. However, what is known about Ryzen C7, i.e. the first AMD system for this market, gives such hope.

AMD Ryzen C7 specs and features

In AMD Ryzen C7, Ryzen will be only in its name. For many people this can be a big disappointment. However, this might be a sensible decision. Intel has already tried x86 smartphones. AMD will not make this mistake and instead put ARM cores in the processor. Not just any of course, the newest and most efficient, due to the modification by AMD.

Their new layout is to be based on as many as two Gaugin Pro cores clocked at 3GHz, which are based on the latest Cortex-X1. It is worth emphasizing that ARM itself assumed the use of a single core of this type in future processors. It is the most efficient computing unit in the entire ARM architecture.

They are to be accompanied by two cores based on Cortex-A78 clocked at 2.6GHz and four low power cores based on Cortex A55 operating at 2GHz. When it comes to graphics processing, Mobile Radeon will take its burden. 5G will also be supported and the architecture will be based on TSMC 5nm process.