Zoom is updating to end-to-end encryption, but for paid users only

The video conferencing platform, Zoom, announced that its paid version will have more secure end-to-end encryption, an advance in security.

Zoom has been one of the companies that has grown the most in users as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, videoconferencing became the main means of communication, and is that they are used for work purposes as well as for personal use and after problems with For the security of its services, Zoom announced that it will now offer end-to-end encryption for those who pay for the full version of the service.

In this way, Zoom seeks to generate even more confidence in its users, as a stimulus for them to acquire the full service of quota, since it will begin to use encryption with a higher level of security.

Unfortunately for users of the free version of Zoom, this more secure encryption will not be available, so they will have to continue to assume the risks involved in free service.

It is still in the testing

Zoom security adviser Alex Stamos, who was also Facebook’s head of security, has confirmed that indeed Zoom will now be more secure than in the past, although it is still in the testing phase and details are being refined, which means that there could be changes in the future.

Zoom is currently considering the different ways in which it could provide security to its users, but until now only paying customers and business accounts have been covered in end-to-end encryption .

For his part, the Zoom spokesperson has reported that the company is still in a process of continuous improvement, so that end-to-end encryption continues to be developed and has been created from scratch by the company.

After the security scandals in which Zoom was involved, which led many companies and official entities to ban the use of the platform, it was that the corporate decision was made to hire the current head of security, Alex Stamos.


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