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LEGO Super Mario will receive new booster packs in August

LEGO Super Mario will receive new booster packs in August: The plumber will wear one of his classic Power-Ups and will become Mario Fuego, Felino, Helicopter and Constructor.

Between pipes, Mario jumps on one of the blocks and receives an object that transforms it into something different. With the new powers in his hands, the hero tries to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the jaws of the evil Bowser.

In the same way as in video games, LEGO Super Mario will offer the possibility of playing with the different transformations of the character. In fact, Nintendo and LEGO have just announced the power-up pack, which will allow us to use Mario Fuego, Mario Felino, Mario Constructor and Mario Helicopter.

The Kyoto based company has used its social accounts to reveal that these packs will be sold separately and will go on sale on August 1. The company promises “new ways to play.” On the other hand, the official Twitter account has shown a small video. It is not about other Mario figures, but about the costumes with which we can fit the character and use it in the levels.

A hybrid product

LEGO Super Mario is not a video game, but it combines its original nature with the toy tradition of Nintendo and LEGO. We are facing an electronic toy that allows us to interact with real environments and observe the reaction of the plumber, capable of blinking and chattering as in his version of video games. Not surprisingly, the figure is built with LCD screens in the eyes, mouth and abdomen to express more than 100 reactions.

Another additional expansion pack will be released on August 1, which was previously announced. We are talking about Monty Mole & Super Mushroom, starring Topo Monty and the Red Mushroom respectively. The expansion will include a POW block and a Stone Eye. It will be set in the desert phases of video games.