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Free GTA V at Epic Games Store causes hacker outbreak in GTA Online

Epic Games Store might have a hacker problem in online with free GTA V. The community of the popular multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V expresses its discomfort at the appearance of numerous hackers in the game.

GTA V is still available for free in the Epic Games Store for PC, an offer that will end in just a few hours. Although due to the large influx of users who have obtained the title since its promotion to get it at no cost, the GTA Online community has already expressed its discomfort at the sudden presence of hackers in the online version of the title, the popular mode Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer .

Rockstar has not yet spoken

Many regular GTA Online players have seen how the Rockstar Games game servers have begun to fill with hackers and modders that ruin multiplayer games causing all kinds of anomalous situations and harming the online experience of those who They simply want to continue playing normally as before.

Situations as crazy as the presence of countless planes falling from the sky, giant robots based on game vehicles, cages that trap players and prevent them from playing normally and even complete server crashes , situations that have become too common since the game can be purchased for free on PC through the Epic Games Store.

“Will GTA Online be back to normal again? There are like two or three modders in each game, I’m sick of this “or” Guys, in every PC session I enter there is a damn modder”, these are just a few comments from the many that flood social networks and forums GTA these days.

Even hackers and modders have been detected that prevent the login of games for a player. At the moment, Rockstar Games has not spoken about it and many players are waiting for forceful action from their managers to ensure proper use of their own video game.