Crucible, the new Amazon shooter game, is launched today

Crucible, the new Amazon shooter game, is launched today

Crucible, a free team shooter title by Amazon Game Studios, launches today and prepares for a possible game streaming service.

Amazon faces a crucial test today with the launch of its first original video game that has been heavily budgeted. The reception of homebound players will indicate whether the company can become a big thing in the global industry that is dominated by companies like Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.

What is Crucible?

Crucible is a free PC game in which teams hunt opponents and creatures on a distant planet. However, it seems that Amazon already has several plans, since in August it intends to sell another game called New World.

In this the players will appear on a mysterious island where they will fight each other and also hunt. The company is also working on the Lord of The Rings game and on some projects for which it has not yet given an official announcement.

So far Crucible has been known to make money selling in-game items as well as seasonal battle passes. While New World should fetch $40 for a standard edition and $50 for a deluxe edition, which includes additional in-game items.

“There’s a lot of room for invention in games,” says Mike Frazzini, vice president of Amazon Games . “We are just starting,” he adds.

Amazon might introduce a competitor to Google Stadia

If the first two titles are well received, Amazon’s gaming division could attract talent and cast a reputation for tweaks and starts.

Popular games could also help build momentum for the company’s widely anticipated launch of a game streaming service that is rival to Google Stadia.

Launching a product in the middle of a pandemic may seem counterintuitive. But games have become an entertainment option for people who are overwhelmed at home. Gamers have flocked to new releases like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as rediscover old favorites like Fortnite.

Amazon’s new games are likely to get hit by Twitch , which can help publishers to market new releases. However, they insist that Crucible is specifically tailored to show itself well in service – the characters are easily recognizable from a distance, it’s fast from the start and it’s exciting to see them.