Xiaomi will introduce 22 new products at Mi Fan Festival

Xiaomi will introduce 22 new products in one day at Mi Fan Festival. Xiaomi will hold a press conference in the Mi Fan Festival, dedicated to the 10th year anniversary of the company. And within the festival, they will announce a lot of new products.

Xiaomi is going to show 22 new products at Mi Fan Festival

The presentation will be held on 3rd of April, and of course it will be online only. In total, the company plans to introduce 22 products. Perhaps all of them will not be brand new, some might already be available in some countries, but the announcement is expected to include discounts to some of these 22 products.

On Xiaomi’s advertising poster, you can see a fitness tracker (possibly Mi Band 5), smartwatches, sneakers, soccer balls, etc.

Last year, on the same festival the company presented 20 products. The products announced were a rice cooker, cordless vacuum cleaners, an electronic clock, a walkie-talkie, Xiaomi Mi laptops and Xiaomi Mi Air, several types of glasses and   suitcases.