Samsung Galaxy A32 4G: More images and features leaked

Samsung Galaxy A32 4G, more images and features leaked

Recently we have known the arrival on the market of the Samsung Galaxy A32 4G, a phone that has come to the mid-range of the Samsung to offer us a ratio of features and very accessible price, considering that it is a phone with 5G connectivity. Now we know that there is a standard version with 4G on the way, of which more is now known.

This new phone will follow the evolution of its predecessors that came before without 5G connectivity and counting with 4G as any other phone. This time Samsung has launched the 5G version before, but the standard one seems to be just around the corner if we take into account everything that has already leaked.

More images of the Samsung Galaxy A32 4G leaked

This version without the 5G connectivity of the smartphone shows us a design virtually identical to the 5G model. The images that are allegedly press renders offer us an Infinity-U screen instead of Infinity-V of the 5G model, while the rest of the phone is virtually identical, including the layout of its camera, with three larger vertical sensors, and a fourth one next to the smaller flash on the right side, without any module.

Samsung Galaxy A32 4G, more images and features leaked
Samsung Galaxy A32 4G, more images and features leaked

It can be seen that the power button is standard, so with no rear fingerprint reader, it is understood that it will feature the same AMOLED display with an integrated fingerprint reader in it that we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy A31.

Samsung Galaxy A32 4G, more images and features leaked

Samsung A32 4G features

In addition to these new images, we already know practically everything that this phone will be able to offer us concerning the 5G model. It will come with a MediaTek Helio G85 processor, compared to the Dimensity 720 of the 5G model. The camera will have four sensors, the main one of 48MP, and will be accompanied by an 8MP ultra wide-angle sensor, a 5MP macro, and a 2MP depth sensor, as well as a 13MP selfie, the same camera of the 5G model. Finally, the battery would also have the same capacity of 5000mAh.

So taking this into account, the most logical thing is that this new version will be externally practically the same, while its main change will lie in the processor, which logically will no longer have 5G connectivity, although it will be a mid-range all-rounder that has already amply demonstrated how well it performs. We do not know when it will be presented, but hopefully, it will not take long to do so.

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