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Google thinks curating photos is worth more than printing

Google thinks curating photos worth more than printing

A new auto curated printing service from Google Photos seems tricky, as it is more expensive than what’s offered through its current printing partnerships available.

Google wants to make your photos more real than ever. A new subscription service from Google will automaticaly select your best photos, print them and send it to you.

Photo printing for Google is nothing new. A couple of years ago they began offering the possibility of creating books from the photos that are stored in their service. And in a way it was surprising, especially since Apple had the same chance and didn’t use it.

An alternative revenue path through printing

For Google, these printing services are more than an option. This is an alternative revenue path for its service that offers unlimited storage for free.

Of course this only applies, if you choose an optimized version to be stored. For the free option, Google Photos automatically optimizes your photos and saves them. If you want to store original files, your storage area is being accounted for and you probably need to pay after a short while, as it would fill up easily in the photo craze of our age.

According to 9to5Google, Google is going to offer a new subscription service that will print 10 of your best photos from the recent 30 days and send them to your address. For this, you simply need to activate the service.

You can select under what criteria you want the selection to be made: You can select people and pets, landscapes or a little of everything.

It seems that the curation costs the twice of printing

The service will have a monthly fee of $7.99 for 4×6″ prints. Google’s new service is currently in trial in the US, but the price is higher compared to its other partnerships.

You can print at Walmart or CVS for $0.25 per photo, but this service costs $0.79 per photo. However, you don’t need to pick, so it seems that picking photos is more expensive than a print itself.

Google Photos printing service is at jeopardy for two reasons…

Google bets on the use of AI and wants to add a new value to its service. But the risk of printing unwanted photos (such as low quality ones that is sent through WhatsApp, Telegram etc, or memes that might not just do it) is also there. Also the price is higher and so this combination might put the new service in jeopardy.