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Motorola: Bumps on the Razr 2019 screen are normal

Motorola: Bumps and bulges on the Razr 2019 screen are normal

Motorola dodges possible claims to screen bumps, bulges and other deformities that might happen to its new foldable phone Razr 2019 with their “how to care” video.

The new foldable, Motorola Razr 2019, which was announced last November and subsequently delayed, is expected to arrive real soon. The company wants its users to know how to protect their new $1,500 phone, so they released a video.

In the video, titled “Caring for razr“, we find a series of clues about the new foldable phone. “The screen is made to bend; the bumps are normal.” The brand that is under the umbrella of Lenovo for several years, is thus wants to avoid or reduce claims by the consumers after the phone has some kind of deformities or pecularities.

In addition, Motorola points to other tips to extend the life of the new Razr 2019. The company instructs on how to dry it in case of splashes, to which it is supposedly resistant. And the plastic screen coating shouldn’t be mixed with a screen protector and removed.

These types of incidents were already materialized for Samsung’s first-gen foldable Galaxy Fold, which had to be delayed to make some improvements that lengthen its durability after rather nefarious first tests. The three big foldables to date, including the Huawei Mate X – which will also be renewed soon – have seen release delays for several reasons.