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Samsung Galaxy Fold has been sold over 400,000 times

Samsung Galaxy Fold has been sold over 400,000 times says the CEO at CES 2020

Samsung announced that 400,000 Galaxy Fold phones have been sold up to now. After breakdowns and delays, the Galaxy Fold came onto the market in a revised version.

The Galaxy Fold has been sold approximately 400,000 to 500,000 times, Samsung CEO Koh Dong-Jin told reporters at CES in Las Vegas. Sohn Young Kwon, CSO of Samsung, had previously told that about a million units sold but Samsung quickly withdrew this statement. It was understood later that Sohn confused the actual sales figures with the original sales target.

The market launch of the Galaxy Fold was chaotic: After several early test copies had serious defects, Samsung postponed the date for an indefinite period. At the end of September 2019, the South Korean manufacturer finally launched a revised version of the foldable smartphone.

Samsung wants to continue to pursue the concept of the folding smartphone. A successor to the Galaxy Fold may be announced in February. The next generation of the folding phone might probably be in a different format: According to the leaks, the Galaxy Fold 2 will probably be folded horizontally instead of vertically. This “clamshell design” is reminiscent of the phones from the 2000s.

Motorola also followed this design with the new Razr 2019 that is based on the iconic Motorola mobile phone. The new edition can be folded up to a comparatively small size. When unfolded, the Razr only has one screen. A specially designed hinge ensures that the folding point on the Razr is less noticeable.