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Dell to introduce new XPS 13 and a laptop with 30 hours battery life at CES

a laptop with 30 hours battery life at CES

New XPS 13, Latitude 9510 laptops and new software will see daylight at CES 2020 this month.

Dell Latitude 9510: 30 hours battery life with a single charge

The company will introduce a thin, 15-inch high-end Latitude 9510 laptop which can also be used as a tablet. Because it has very thin frames called InfinityEdge, 9510 encloses a 15 inch screen in a modern 14-inch case.

 a laptop with 30 hours battery life at CES

Dell also claims support for 5G networks (apparently in some versions), battery life up to a whopping 30 hours and high-quality speakers. There will be new AI-based Dell Optimizer software that can learn the user’s preferences and adapts to habits, reducing delays, increasing the speed of app launch, reducing power consumption and so on. Judging by the image, 9510 may also include a digital pen.

Dell’s new XPS 13 will have a developer model

The company is also getting prepared to launch of the more traditional 13-inch, very compact XPS 13 laptop, which has a a 16:10 screen with 7% more brightness compared to the previous model and thin frames on all sides, again InfinityEdge. The manufacturer underlines the slim profile, high performance and high-quality finish. A full-size keyboard occupies almost the entire width of the case, and the touch panel is 17% bigger compared to the previous model.

 a laptop with 30 hours battery life at CES

There will also be another version of XPS 13: The Developer Edition, a special version of the same laptop released with developer community on mind and equipped with a pre-installed build of the Ubuntu platform.

Dell also introduced Cinema Guide application, which will be installed on its PCs. This is a single store streaming offer that allows you to quickly find movies and TV shows across different streaming services. About 200 services are supported and a personalized search is offered.

 a laptop with 30 hours battery life at CES

Another interesting offering is Dell Mobile Connect, a software for tighter PC integration with smartphones. There will be screen mirroring and file transfer from devices based on iOS, as well as simple and convenient drag and drop of photos and videos between your smartphone and PC.