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Google is showing YouTube Shorts videos on Google Discover

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Google has started surfacing YouTube Shorts videos on Google Discover and we knew about that. Because, last summer, Google announced its intention to publish short videos on Google Discover to link web pages, in addition to “normal” videos and web stories based on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to avoid penalizing performance on less powerful mobile devices.

You’ll be able to see YouTube Shorts videos on Google Discover

In any case, the beta of YouTube Shorts will finally be released in the United States, but Google wanted to test and show the service ahead of time along with other multimedia content that will arrive very soon to Discover.

So, in the image below you can see the new interface with YouTube Shorts cards in Google Discover, with the popular ‘Play’ logo in the upper left corner, the video title and source at the bottom, and up to 10 cards in total that scroll horizontally.

Google is showing YouTube Shorts videos on Google Discover
Google is showing YouTube Shorts videos on Google Discover

Obviously, this will be something similar to shortcuts, as you would expect, as tapping on these cards will take us directly to the YouTube app through a new full-screen embedded player, where we will also have shortcuts to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’, view comments, share the video and more options; such as description, report or send comments.

The downside of the player is that there is no search bar in this embedded app, but only the play and pause control and some gestures to jump to a new video by swiping up with your finger, or go back if you swipe down.

YouTube Shorts videos will have a duration of up to 15 seconds and are they will be created with a “Shorts camera” only available for now in India, which is accessed from the YouTube app by entering the “Create” menu in the bottom bar.

We are curious to see how YouTube will encourage creators to upload short videos of up to 60 seconds in vertical format.

For its part, the Shorts camera tool itself allows you to select the music, adjust the speed or set a timer while recording, in addition to other very basic options.

In any case, the YouTube Shorts interface change in Discover is still in testing and will be implemented soon.

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