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Deep Nostalgia AI will animate your family photos

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Deep Fake technology is not only used to create memes, you should definitely know about Deep Nostalgia AI because it will animate your old family photos.

MyHeritage shared Deep Nostalgia on Twitter, it is a tool to animate the faces of historical photos and create realistic and high-quality video images created thanks to D-ID’s photo animation technology.

Deep Nostalgia AI creates an animated version of your old family photos

Unlike other applications, Deep Nostalgia makes use of model videos prepared in advance by the company itself, so the animation of the photographs will consist of a fixed sequence of movements and gestures that will allow us to relive our ancestors to see them smile, blink, move their eyes and turn their heads.

The company ensures that this function is intended exclusively for nostalgic use, which is why they have not wanted to add more advanced models and other options such as gestures or the addition of audio to emulate speech. This way misleading videos will not be created.

In fact, Deep Nostalgia works equally well on black and white or sepia photos, as on those originally taken in color, and even on photos originally taken without color and colorized or restored by digital tools.

That said, naturally, the program has become something of a meme generator on Twitter, with various users trying to push the AI to its limits.

How to animate your old family photos with Deep Nostalgia?

To make use of this tool we must register and create a free account at MyHeritage, with which we can upload and animate up to five photographs, regardless of the number of faces that appear in the photo, completely free of charge.

There’s also a paid subscription model, with which you can animate an unlimited number of photos, with exclusive features.

In addition, as MyHeritage states, all the photos that we upload for use in Deep Nostalgia, as well as the resulting videos, will be well preserved. They assure that photos will not be shared with third parties. In addition, all photos uploaded with a free account will be automatically deleted to protect your privacy.

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