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Microsoft asked to buy Pinterest with a $51B deal

Microsoft has intentions to buy Pinterest with a $51B deal

We’ve learned that over the past few months Microsoft has been in talks with Pinterest, they have intentions to buy the popular social media with a $51B deal. Pinterest has experienced great growth over the past year.

However, negotiations have slowed down in recent weeks and are no longer active, according to the sources close to the company. We must remember that last fall Microsoft was interested in buying TikTok, another company in the social media sector that is valued at billions of dollars.

Microsoft is still looking for a big purchase

Microsoft has more than $131 billion in cash, which could be used to make all kinds of investments. The most possible idea is buying another big tech company.

Microsoft is looking for a large online community that can increase the use of its cloud platform. At the moment, Pinterest has about 459 million users and uses Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft has intentions to buy Pinterest with a $51B deal
Last fall the company was also interested in buying TikTok.

Microsoft offers $51B for Pinterest

If this purchase is finalized by those figures, it would become Microsoft’s largest acquisition in history, with a value of almost twice bigger than LinkedIn’s sale. Such a move would be investigated by competition regulators for sure.

Tools such as Pinterest are a great source of information beyond the benefits of a social network. Boards can be a good source for diversifying and classifying images, something very useful both for advertising and for training algorithms or artificial intelligence systems. Microsoft is not the only company that has shown interest in this type of platform. Last June, Google developed a prototype called Keen, a Pinterest clone focused on varied interests.


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