Amazon’s new CEO insists on game development

Amazon's new CEO Andy Jassy insists on game development

While it’s a sector that hasn’t seen much success within Amazon, making games will continue to be a priority at the company under the new CEO.

Amazon’s new CEO insists on game development

In a leaked email from Andy Jassy, he said that success sometimes takes time, and he wants the company to continue making games, even when it has yet to launch one that is commercially successful.

In the email, he says that some companies take off in the first year and others take many years, a text they have published on Bloomberg:

Amazon's new CEO Andy Jassy, to insist on game development
Amazon’s new CEO insists on game development

While we haven’t had consistent success at Amazon Game Studios yet, I think we’ll get there if we hang in there.

The email was sent a day before the company announced that he would take over as CEO of the company once Jeff Bezos steps down later this year.

This comes in the same week that Google announced it was closing its internal studios to create Stadia games, and when a report detailed some of the failings of Amazon Game Studios, reducing the inexperience of its director, Mike Frazzini, who had never worked on a game before taking over.

So far the company has spent billions on creating its own games, now we will have to wait to see if its next title, New World, achieves the expected success.

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