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Pinterest exceeds 400 million users

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Pinterest has announced that it already has more than 400 million active users per month. The COVID-19, which kept millions of people around the world at home, caused a considerable increase in the use of the internet, especially streaming services and social networks, something also Pinterest has benefited, even if they do not consider themselves a social network as such.

To compare Pinterest to other social networks, in terms of 400 million active users per month, we should look at Facebook which already has 2.7 billion, and that other social networks no longer provide the number of active users per month, but daily stats are there: 238 million daily users for Snapchat and 186 million for Twitter.

A significant change in trend has also been registered globally, since Pinterest has gone from being a platform with a large majority of female users, to becoming a more heterogeneous tool and especially valued by younger people.

As Pinterest has pointed out, the use of the platform by Generation Z has increased 50% in the last year. The searches they carry out the most are those related to «gender equality» or «mental health control» and even «body positive», which reflects a significant change in trend also in terms of topics that most concern young people.

In addition, the number of male users has grown by more than 48% in the last year, according to the company, being the second group of users that has registered the greatest increase. Topics like “modular kitchen” or “artisan bread recipes” are the ones most searched for by male users.

On the other hand, the use of Pinterest by millennials has grown 36% in one year. Above all, they have looked for topics related to schoolwork and learning, as well as «plans for family homes»

According to the data made by the company, the growth experienced in recent months is not only reflected in the number of monthly active users, but since the beginning of 2020 there has also been an increase in searches of more than 60% and a 40% increase in Saved Pins, compared to last year.

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