It’s official: Meet Now is coming to iOS

Meet Now is coming to iOS

Meet Now is coming to iOS. In the spring of this year and on the occasion of the boom in teleworking, we learned about one of the new functions that Microsoft was about to launch an application such as Skype. With the aim of facilitating meetings, Meet Now arrived. That’s the name of a tool that allows you to access a meeting or video meeting with just one click.

Due to the global pandemic, companies are looking take advantage of teleworking and these tools have become very important. Since then Meet Now has come to be integrated into Windows 10 and the next step is to bring this tool to iOS.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS is close to receiving an upgrade like Meet Now. With a newly added button, you just have to click on it to start an instant meeting in Microsoft Teams.

In addition, and thanks to the information provided by Stephan Frühwirth (Microsoft’s digital work specialist), we have learned that on iPhones with iOS 14 will also be compatible with Meet Now with a shortcut that will appear in the Outlook widget. This way we will be able to avoid the tedious task of having to set up a video call by creating a link in a web browser or with the desktop client of Teams.

Meet Now is coming to iOS
Meet Now is coming to iOS

For those who are not familiar with Meet Now, this is a feature that allows the user to contact another person even if they are not a user of the Microsoft service. You can set up a video call with Skype and share the link with other users even if they are not using the application.

Meet Now will first arrive in the Windows Outlook client, hopefully, to be tested from December. The Meet Now compatible version of Outlook for iOS should arrive in the next few weeks.