Xiaomi Mijia Projector 2: specs, price and release date

Mijia Projector 2 specs

Xiaomi presented Mijia Projector 2 and we will talk about its specs, price and release date. Xiaomi, beyond televisions, has a wide range of projectors on the market. The company has Full HD and 4K models, with LED and laser lighting technologies. The lasers are better, but also more expensive. In contrast, LEDs are cheaper and offer very good performance, and now a new affordable model has arrived.

We are talking about the Mijia Projector 2, a more affordable version of the Mijia Projector 2 Pro announced last summer. In exchange for a lower price, this model loses some of the performance level capabilities like ANSI lumens, but it is still a viable choice.

Mijia Projector 2 specs

Thus, while the Pro model has 1,300 ANSI lumens, the new cheap model drops to 800 lumens. The recommended projection range is between 60 and 120 inches, but like the Pro model, it can be extended to the range of 40 to 200 inches. There’s DLP in both models, and they are capable of reproducing 100% of the Rec.709 spectrum.

We find integrated speakers with 10W power and a size of 1.75 inches, fulfilling well and avoiding having to look for other speakers if we simply want to see a content punctually. The noise level of the projector is the same as the Pro model, with a sonority as low as 28 dBa at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees.

The projector also has Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi 5, ideal for playing streaming content thanks to the Android-based MIUI for the TV operating system it incorporates. When the international version of this model is launched, the operating system will be Android TV.

Mijia Projector 2 specs

The processor used in this model is the Amlogic T972-H, with a 12 nm process and 4 cores, reaching a frequency of 1.9GHz. This processor is the one that Xiaomi’s Series 5 televisions equip, and is even capable of playing content in 8K. It comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage.

We also find voice assistant with XiaoAI to control multimedia content or even intelligent devices in the home. Thanks to its long-range microphones, this device is capable of capturing the voice at a distance of up to five meters.

The connectivity also includes everything you need, including an HDMI 2.0 port, a USB 2.0, and a headset connector. We can also send the mobile signal wirelessly.

The price tag of Mijia Projector 2 is 3,299 yuan, about 421 dollars with the current exchange rate. It will be on sale from November 11th.