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Apple HomePod mini is introduced: specs, price and release date

Apple HomePod mini is introduced: specs, price and release date

Today Apple is presenting its new products, and HomePod mini is the new Apple speaker, we are going to talk about its specs, price and release date. Apple hasn’t been active on the smart speakers but now they launch a striking product. And it’ll be more accessible to all audiences.

Apple Homepod mini specs

The new Apple smart speaker comes with a very small size and a unique spherical design in addition to a number of features that integrate its voice assistant, Siri, privacy controls and some unique functions to ensure high audio quality and to boost their home automation solutions.

The new HomePod mini is not like the original HomePod: its size is much smaller than the original, but at Apple seems to have managed to offer great performance both in the main field -the audio- and in the other features like Siri.

With only 8.38 cm high, this is a speaker that can be used alone, but you can also use two of them to enjoy stereo sound, or home theater experience.

Its form is spherical but the bottom part of this speaker is flattened. There’s a backlit touch surface allowing access to playback controls (pause, play, skip a song, adjust volume) and responds to voice interaction by changing color tones.

Homepod mini price and availability
Homepod mini price and release date

Apple Homepod mini price and release date

The original HomePod went on sale in 2018 for $49. It was much more expensive than tts rival smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. But this time Apple learned its lesson, HomePod mini will go on sale at a more affordable price. Pre-orders for the device will begin on November 6 and with a $99 price tag.