What is consultancy and why do you need it?

What is consultancy and why do you need it?

What is consultancy and why do you need it? Any business or company owner will need outside consulting assistance at some point. If something is clear, it is that a person cannot know everything, and in many cases, we will have to have specialists in certain matters, to receive the necessary guidance for our business.

On the staff of a company, even in the largest, it is almost impossible to have a large number of experts in different fields. But if the company aims to develop and gain market share, sooner or later the advice of such experts will be needed. That is why there are consultancies. Read rest of the article to learn what is consultancy.

What is consultancy?

The consulting is expert advice, paid for company executives and private entrepreneurs, on a wide range of economic, industrial, commercial and many other topics, to optimize business processes, increase profits and key performance indicators.

Consulting is qualified assistance, paid to organizations that need an independent evaluation of current activities, analysis of business processes and subsequent recommendations to do business and improve their efficiency.

Who is a consultant?

A consultant is an experienced and certified professional who is dedicated to providing assistance to clients who are business owners, or just wanting to start their company. Most of the time, consultants work for external companies (although there may be independent ones), which are directly related to their clients’ companies. These professionals provide assistance in various areas.

It is important to know that the consultants do not assume full responsibility for the result obtained, however, they are very supportive to achieve the goals set.

In general, the activities of a consultant are as followed:

  • Provision of assistance or help in various fields of the company
  • Planning of organizational activities and business management

In their activities, a professional consultant adheres to the following principles:

  • Using scientifically sound data in your work
  • Use of tools such as information technology

At the same time, consultants have the right to make known or offer to the client their own scientific or professional idea, if it helps to solve problems and improves the current methods of the company.

We should not confuse the work of a consultant with that of a business coach, since they are very different terms. Who is a consultant and what activities define it?

  • Business process management tuning
  • Reorganization of the company or areas of it
  • Restoration of the solvency of a company or undertaking
  • Legal support in the merger of companies
  • General advice, for example, in the acquisition of real estate
  • Orientation in budgets
  • Business plan development
  • Financial forecasts, etc.

Types of consultants

Actually, anyone specialized in business matters can be a consultant. However, we recommend choosing people who follow certain guidelines and systems for the implementation of the processes and who are certified. Having known this, we introduce you to some of the different types of most requested consultants, as well as some of their functions.

Who is a digital marketing consultant?

The digital marketing consultant works with companies that request it to establish specific business strategies. Depending on the needs of the business, look for solutions that increase the visibility of the company, attract new customers and retain old ones. Thanks to his business skills, he knows the expectations of the market in which he, as a consultant, is constantly looking for business.

The missions entrusted to it are generally:

  • Market research
  • The implementation of a strategy for the launch of a new product
  • The design of a specific promotional campaign
  • Brand positioning

His work ranges from the creation of the communication plan, to the monitoring and statistical analysis of the situation, through the implementation of marketing actions and budget management.

What is consultancy and why do you need it?
What is consultancy and why do you need it?

Who is an SEO consultant?

The main service of an SEO consultant is specialized advice in the field of search engine optimization and its sub-disciplines. The consulting fields are in the area of ​​SEO OnPage, SEO OffPage and technical search engine optimization. In addition to reinforcing work in these areas, you must also have a deep understanding of content marketing to provide quality information.

Who is a sales consultant?

A sales consultant is a person who provides advice to various companies, in order to improve the quality of their sales force, through an appropriate business strategy. Sales consultants provide value by analyzing the business, its customers, products, and services. They are of utmost importance as they provide knowledge, ideas and strategies to improve the effectiveness of the art of sales.

Who is a SAP consultant?

The SAP consultant has extensive knowledge of the most popular software on the market, which is used to control and optimize the business processes of different companies.

What are the tasks of SAP consultants?

The task of a SAP consultant is to introduce SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software) software in companies. The SAP environment consists of different modules, such as accounting and logistics, which also includes sales and quality management. These modules help to optimize customers’ business processes, that is, to use capital, resources and personnel in the most efficient way possible.

Who is a financial consultant?

Accounting and financial audits are classic tasks in the business field. However, managing the numbers of a company requires special expertise. Legal and regulatory requirements have become stricter than ever. Therefore, finance departments must always ensure that these standards are fully respected. That is why businesses require external financial consultants, in order to make these processes much easier.

In this context, the role of financial consultant has gone from being a supplier simple services, a partner important management: today, the financial consultants support managers and the board of directors in the management of the company. Together, they ensure that all processes can be carried out efficiently. This way, now you know what is consultancy.