The most powerful mid-range smartphones in August 2020

The most powerful mid-range smartphones in August 2020
The most powerful mid-range smartphones in August 2020

These are the most powerful mid-range smartphones in August 2020, according to AnTuTu. The market of mid-range smartphones is busier than ever. The big players in the sector are aware of the importance this sector, and thanks to this we have seen the arrival of more and more interesting models at very competitive prices.

For example, the Redmi 10X 5G is one of the most powerful and cheapest 5G compatible smartphones that we can find right now, since it has an approximate $250 price in its base configuration, which includes 6GB RAM and 64GB storage.

This large number of manufacturers and models in the mid-range smartphone sector has had beneficial effects for the consumer, since it has given rise to a marked competition and this has forced the large companies to greatly adjust the price-performance ratio, although this situation also had a negative consequence, just because there are a lot of phones to choose from, people get complicated.

The most powerful mid-range smartphones of August 2020

When choosing a mid-range smartphone, most users pay a special attention to its performance, they pay attention to a certain phone. It is understandable, at the end of the day, these types of devices use different processors. Performance varies a lot.

With the high-end this is much simpler, since most of the phones positioned at that level are already using the classic Snapdragon 865+, with few exceptions, such as Samsung, in some cases they use Exynos 990 processor, and Huawei, which does the same with its Kirin 990 5G processor.

In the mid-range smartphone market, there are some preferred processors such as Snapdragon 710, Snapdragon 720, Snapdragon 730G, Snapdragon 765G-768G, the MediaTek Dimensity 7200 and 820 series, the Kirin 720-820 and Kirin 985, and also different models within the Samsung Exynos 9 series line.

The most powerful mid-range smartphones, according to AnTuTu
The most powerful mid-range smartphones in August 2020, according to AnTuTu

Thanks to this simple explanation, we can understand why it is so difficult to choose between different mid-range smartphones if we want to prioritize raw power, although thanks to AnTuTu we have the consequence a little easier. The well-known performance test has published a top 10 that includes the most powerful mid-range smartphones that exist today, and the results are very interesting.

As we can see in the attached graph, MediaTek dominates with the Dimensity 820, a processor that has an eight-core CPU divided into two blocks, a high-performance one with four Cortex-A76 cores at 2.6 GHz and another with low consumption. with four Cortex-A55 cores at 2 GHz. Its GPU is a Mali-G57, integrates 5G connectivity and has a 3.0 APU for workloads associated with artificial intelligence.

The rest of the ranking is dominated by the Kirin 985 and Kirin 820 processors. It is interesting to see how Snapdragon 768G and Snapdragon 765G rank that low.