How to start Windows 10 in safe mode and what is it for?

How to start Windows 10 in safe mode and what is it for?
How to start Windows 10 in safe mode and what is it for?

Sometimes you need to start Windows 10 in safe mode, but how to do this and what is it for? The Safe Mode is a tool that offers Windows 10, which is very useful in solving some problems with our computer. We explain the characteristics of this special Windows startup mode, and how you can access it in a very simple way.

Before explaining what safe mode is, you should understand how Windows 10 works normally. When you turn on your computer, the operating system loads along with many other pieces of software. Along with Windows, many programs that you have installed manually are loaded, in addition to all the necessary drivers for the hardware to function properly.

What is Windows 10 safe mode for?

Safe mode is a minimalist boot mode, which starts only the essential elements for your computer to function. This means that the drivers that you have installed together with your hardware will not be loaded, only the generic and essential ones. Safe mode is characterized by the fact that the wallpaper turns completely black, this helps you to identify very easily when you are in it.

Precisely many times the drivers are responsible for your computer to stop working correctly. You have installed a sound card, a graphics card or any other component and your computer stops working as it was doing. The cause is most likely the driver.

Thanks to the safe mode you will be able to access the operating system and uninstall the program or driver that is causing problems on your computer. You just have to uninstall the one you think is the cause of the problem, and restart Windows 10 normally. If everything has been solved, you will have been successful, otherwise you will have to keep trying.

Safe mode also allows you to uninstall programs that don’t let you do it normally. An example is antivirus, which can cause quite a few problems when uninstalling them, since they leave files in the operating system that prevent their complete elimination. With safe mode you will not have those problems.

Another very interesting use is related to the “System Restore” function. This tool is accessible from normal Windows mode, but it is quite likely that you will have problems when restoring your computer to a previous state. With the safe mode, the problems that you may encounter are greatly minimized, especially if they are related to the latest drivers installed.

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How to access safe mode?

Accessing the safe mode of Windows 10 is very simple, you just have to go to the “Start” menu of your PC and click on restart while holding down the shift key. After that you will see that your PC restarts.

As soon as your computer boots up again, a blue screen will appear with a few available options. You must access ” Solving problems “.

Now go to “Advanced option”

Click on “See more recovery options” at the bottom of the screen. After that, all that remains is to click on “Restart”

There, you will see an option called ” Enable safe mode”, press the “4” key to select this option.

After that, your PC will restart and a black screen will appear with many options, the one that interests us is “Safe mode“, enter it and you will access the safe mode of Windows 10.

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