How to recover a suspended Twitter account?

Suspended Twitter account: How to recover?
Suspended Twitter account: How to recover?

In case of a suspended Twitter account, you should know how to approach this delicate situation and recover a suspended or blocked account, so we prepared a guide.

How to recover a suspended Twitter account?

Twitter, like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, tries to bring order to their social network to through the veto of certain user accounts. The reasons for these blocks can be related to a multitude of variables that largely depend on the condition violated in the list of conditions of use of Twitter. Blocking by age, blocking by spam, blocking by reports from other users. A few weeks ago we showed how to recover a hacked or stolen Instagram account. Today we will teach you how to recover a suspended Twitter account.

How to recover a Twitter account blocked by age?

Twitter recently carried out a massive cessation of accounts whose users had registered at the time of creation of the account less than 13 years of age. Although recovering a Twitter account blocked by age is very complicated, we can appeal to the technical service of the social network through the following link.

Once inside, we will click on Account suspended or closed and we will fill in the form with all our personal data exposing the problem and requesting the reactivation of the account.

During this process it is probable that the Twitter service requires a photograph of our ID or identity document to verify that we are indeed of legal age.

How to recover a temporarily suspended Twitter account?

In the event that Twitter has temporarily blocked our account for whatever reason, the reactivation of it will not take effect until the end of the period that the service has deemed appropriate  in the informative email.

In general, this period is usually 30 days, and once they have elapsed, we can log in without any problem. If we still prefer to report our complaints to the Twitter service, we can do it through the following page by clicking on the Account deactivated option.

Once we have indicated the reason for the deactivation, the process from that point is exactly the same as that followed in the previous explanation.

Your account has been suspended
“Your account has been suspended”, now what to do?

How to recover a deleted or disabled Twitter account?

Unlike an account temporarily suspended or blocked by age, a deleted or deactivated Twitter account is usually a process that depends on the user, that is, the action to deactivate or delete the account must be carried out by ourselves through of the application options.

The problem in this case resides when the action has not been carried out by us, but by someone who has fraudulently entered our account.

Reactivating a deleted or deactivated account is usually as easy as logging in with the same user during the first 30 days of blocking. In case the user or the password are not identified by Twitter, we will have to follow the usual procedure to recover our account with our phone, mail or user through this link.

If by any chance we do not have access to any of the means that we have just mentioned because they have been changed by third parties, we can use this other link to find our user. We can also contact the technical service of Twitter in this other link following the same steps as in the previous cases to recover the account in question.