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Apple releases macOS 11 Big Sur Beta 4 to developers

Apple releases macOS 11 Big Sur Beta 4 to developers

The new version of Apple macOS continues to advance and in this case, developers can download macOS 11 Big Sur beta 4 now.

In this new developer beta, bug fixes are added, system stability is improved, and design details continue to be readjusted along with what’s new in the company’s apps.

Apple continues to improve macOS 11 Big Sur with Beta 4

It is true that beta versions can always contain malfunctions, stability or security. That is why the company is focused on improving these aspects of the system to launch the first official version soon, also in this new version of macOS we have important changes in its design and this means that there is more work to polish the details. The new beta versions add these important changes both in design and in the security and stability of the system.

If we focus on the stability bugs we can say that  there are not too many in the beta versions of macOS Big Sur, this does not mean that they do not exist but as we have been observing since the first beta version released by the company a few weeks ago everything remains quite stable .

At the moment the failures that we are observing in the system are quite specific and it is possible that it will continue like this until the final version of it. Some users complain about failures in Mail or the Sidecar function, but these errors are quite normal considering that we are facing the third beta version of a totally new system, but even so, there are few failures that it shows in general lines. As always, the best thing in these cases is to stay out of beta versions for developers, at most wait for the public beta version to arrive and always use it on a partition or external disk to avoid problems.