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Intel buys Rivet Networks, creators of Killer communications chips

Intel buys Rivet Networks, creators of Killer communications chips acquisition details wi-fi 6 802.11ax acquisition details

Intel bought Rivet Networks to reinforce its position in networking. As Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity are two pillars of the communication systems of its processors, the company has announced the acquisition of Rivet Networks . This company is known for its Killer communication chips, both for Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, although Intel has affected its interest in the latter.

In fact, both companies had already collaborated on the creation of the Killer AX1650 chip that provides WiFi 6 (802.11ax) connectivity, which is the most advanced that is currently generally available. Killer chips have been widely used in recent years on some companies’ laptops to provide them with better Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity.

Rivet Networks was a rival of Intel in the NIC area for over 10 years and with this acquisition, Intel will have a stronger say in the gaming market. Though Intel Core i9-10900K is the fastest desktop gaming processor now, the competition from AMD in desktop and mobile is getting hotter as AMD Ryzen 7 4700U notebook processor tops Intel’s H-series gaming processors. Intel is known to compete in many areas at once, this acquisition will help the company to do so, again.

Intel has not indicated the amount it will pay to close the Rivet Networks acquisition, nor the plans it has for the company’s workers. It probably maintains the Killer trademark, with the same focus on the PC sector in general and the gaming sector in particular.