Netflix renews PIN feature for parental control

Netflix renewed the PIN feature for parental control.

The popular streaming platform Netflix, in 2018, started a PIN protection to keep children away from certain content. The PIN was applied to all profiles in the account, and adults also had to unlock it when they wanted to watch something.

But now the situation has changed. With a new update, it is also possible to use PIN codes for individual profiles on Netflix. In this way, not only children stay away from inappropriate content, but also your roommates who may be ‘curious’ about what you are watching cannot look at your profile.

Netflix states that adding a private password to a profile has two advantages. The first is that the algorithm does not recommend you unrelated series and movies based on the content consumption of the people watching movies using your profile. And the second is you can pick up from where you left off in the movies or series you were watching.

How to add password (PIN) to Netflix profiles?

It’s easy to add a PIN to your individual Netflix profile. However, you need to follow these few steps to add a PIN. We should note that these PIN codes can only be generated through the Netflix website. So it is not possible to create a PIN code on Android or iOS or any other app. To add PIN to your individual profile, do the following:

  • Sign in to your Netflix account
  • Choose the profile you want to lock with a PIN
  • Click Profile from the upper right corner and then choose ‘Account’
  • Go to the profile and parental settings section and select the appropriate profile
  • After entering your account password, enter the code in the 4-digit pin box and click Save.

Adding PINs for individual accounts is not the only way for achieving parental controls in Netflix. Parents will now be able to apply age-appropriate content filters based on country ratings.

This filter also allows removing series and movies separately, outside of the Netflix kids experience. This prevents children from the ages 5 to 6 from watching content such as John Wick or The Witcher.

Apart from that, on Netflix , you will be able to follow everything your kids watch through their profiles and turn off autoplaying videos. All these parental control features can be accessed through here.