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Dark mode in WhatsApp is coming to iOS after Android beta

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Five months after the appearance of the iOS 13 with a dark mode, WhatsApp now also gets a dark mode on the iPhone.
WhatsApp is one of the downloaded apps in the App Store, but it is also currently one of the few popular apps without dark mode.

Since iOS 13, iPhones are able to automatically switch from light to dark when the sun goes down. Instagram was updatedi ts app in October and now the dark mode for WhatsApp is finally coming to iOS. In the latest beta version of WhatsApp, testers can use the dark mode.

Recently, WhatsApp users on Android are able to use the dark mode with the latest beta version. You can read our article for more details and learn how to download WhatsApp with dark mode to Android devices.

Dark background colors will also soon be added after a lot of complaints about tone. People complained because the dark mode on WhatsApp in Android is not using a black background.

It is not yet known when dark mode will be available to all iPhone users. iPhone owners who already joined the “TestFlight” program can experience the dark mode of WhatsApp now.

Users have been waiting for WhatsApp’s dark mode for a very long time. Because especially OLED screens consume very low energy while using black applications, which directly affects the battery time. This is why users wanted WhatsApp to have the dark mode too. But the developers took it very slow to adapt the feature.

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