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The new gaming handheld from Alienware is a Switch competitor

Alienware Concept UFO looks just like Nintendo Switch

Alienware showed off a Concept UFO portable gaming computer, which many media outlets have called as a Nintendo Switch clone. The presentation of the prototype device was held at the international exhibition CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Like the Nintendo Switch handheld console, the Alienware Concept UFO has detachable controllers, a screen stand, and a docking station. The Alienware device runs on an x86 processor with a version of Windows 10. You can connect an ordinary mouse and keyboard to it, as well as controllers from other consoles.

Dell's Alienware Concept UFO looks like Nintendo Switch

Representatives of the company claimed that the current prototype of Concept UFO is still far from its final form. It was brought to the exhibition in order to find out the reaction of the public and to make sure of the expediency of further development. According to Ray Watkins, project manager at Dell, in the case of positive feedback, developers will need about a year and a half to release the device.