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This is how Huawei P40’s camera will look

Huawei P40's camera will look like this

A leaked image from supposedly P40 production line shows what we should expect from the Huawei P40’s camera.

As you can see in the tweet below, there are only three cutouts for the upcoming flagship’s lens, which means that the smartphone will be equipped with a tri-module camera. In addition, the round cutouts characterize that the smartphone will not receive the telephoto lens that the rumors had foretold, but since no rectangular cutout is there, it is not possible to place it in the array.

But there is a Pro version expected as well, so telephoto lens might be saved for that model. The camera slot also looks similar to the one in Huawei V30 Pro. This of course only shows the shape of the Huawei P40’s camera array, but we already know from the rumours that we can expect a 10x zoom.