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A tip from Shopify CEO: Don’t work more than 40 hours a week

Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke tweeted about working

Shopify founder and CEO Tobias Lutke believes that spending long hours for work is pointless and does not lead to increased efficiency.

According to Lutke, he worked more than 40 hours a week only when he himself “really wanted it.”

For creative work, you can’t cheat. My believe is that there are 5 creative hours in everyone’s day. All I ask of people at Shopify is that 4 of those are channeled into the company.” he wrote on his Twitter.

He added that he had never worked all night, and he needed 8 hours of sleep at night. Lutke thinks this is true for everyone else, whether they accept it or not.

The head of Shopify also noted that he shares work and personal life and one should not allow one to absorb the other. “I am at home every day at 17.30. I have a great job, but it’s just a job. Family and health are higher in my system of priorities, ”concluded Lyutke.

Microsoft and Amazon CEOs Satya Nadella and Jeff Bezos believe that building a balance between work and personal life is a false strategy. In their opinion, one flows into another and it is worth talking more about the “harmony” of these two concepts.