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Clubhouse is about to come to Android

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Clubhouse, which has been imitated by different platforms and social networks, is expected to be released in the coming weeks on Android.

Clubhouse has been able to encourage Facebook or Telegram to copy its audio experience in a few months to bring it to their applications. Now we know that it is about to drop on Android in the coming weeks.

The problem that this application is having is the delay caused by Android since it is available for iOS. That delay has caused the experience to be left aside for all Android users and the competition begins to imitate part of their experience.

Clubhouse is coming soon to Android

The clubhouse is about to come to Android
Clubhouse is about to come to Android

So finally Clubhouse has announced the beta program for Android ahead of the imminent launch on the Google Play Store. Yes, there is already a closed beta for Android, but it is exclusively for a few users.

The best of all is that the launch would be weeks away from happening on Android, so very soon we will be able to try first-hand the Clubhouse experience. An experience intended for audio chat groups in which you can moderate and customize who can use voice.

The clubhouse is about to come to Android

There are many competitors to this app called Clubhouse, as has happened with Twitter Spaces. They did very well in becoming very popular on iOS, although it would have been nice to arrive at the same time on both Android and iOS, and thus the blow would have had greater effect without leaving time to other competitors.

An experience that we will be seeing in other applications and social networks as happened at the time with the Instagram Stories that we have even seen in Spotify.

Be that as it may, now we will have the opportunity to try Clubhouse on Android soon and know for sure the reasons why it has become the app to imitate by all those technology giants.

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