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Twitter Spaces now available for users with more than 600 followers

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Twitter Spaces now available for users with more than 600 followers. There is no doubt that Clubhouse has become the social application in vogue, to the point that many people want to have a function similar to Clubhouse within their platform.

Among the competitors, Twitter is one of the ones that has been investing the most effort, where it has also been one of the ones that has been ahead of Clubhouse in its territory.

Thanks to the number of users it has, Twitter has been gradually deploying some Spaces capabilities, its Clubhouse-like function, in its mobile applications, also including users of Android devices, which until recently were forgotten by Clubhouse, which from the beginning has focused on iOS.

Twitter Spaces continues to mature with increased participation

This has allowed Twitter to learn along the way, also introducing a series of improvements according to what has been observed and the comments received. Now they are going a step further by indicating that all users with 600 followers or more on their accounts can now start hosting their voice sessions with Spaces.

Twitter understands Spaces as a place where users can establish from intimate conversations with a few attendees to large discussions with thousands of listeners, in a similar way to how the monitoring of conversations works, but taking into account the nuances that can be easily transmitted through voice.

Twitter wants to make it possible for all users to host their voice sessions, but the current limitation seeks to continue learning from the experiences and comments of those who have already started hosting their sessions and those who have joined them.

For now, it will continue to be available through mobile apps, although it is expected to come to the web in the future as well. In these mobile applications, users will have seen purple bubbles at the top pointing to those users we follow who have started sessions or joined sessions started by others.

Twitter Spaces now available for those with more than 600 followers
Twitter Spaces now available for those with more than 600 followers

If we are encouraged, this is what we can do if we join an existing session:

When you join a space as a listener, you can react to what you hear with emojis, view pinned tweets, follow captions, tweet or send a direct message to space, or request to speak.

Twitter points out that if we start our session, as hosts, we have control over who can speak at any given time, over the topics to be discussed in the session, as well as the management of attendees, including sending invitations to those of our trusted contacts, also being able to give them a voice at any given time.

Regarding security with the participation of attendees, Twitter tells us that:

‘It’s important to us that people feel safe hosting and participating in Spaces conversations, so we’ve built-in safety controls available to presenters and speakers. For example, as a host, you can mute speakers and unmute them, or remove them from the space altogether. Recently, we added the ability for hosts to mute all speakers at the same time and a new admin page to make hosting easier.

What’s new and what’s coming soon in Twitter Spaces?

The feature introduces the ability for hosts to mute everyone in a session, joining other security measures already in place such as the ability for anyone to report and block another in a session, or even go so far as to report the session itself. Blocked users will not be able to join the sessions of users who have blocked them, and even warnings will appear if they join sessions where users they have blocked in other sessions are speaking.

Finally, Twitter says that they are working on bringing the possibility for hosts to sell tickets to attend their sessions, even being able to set the price and sales estimates, starting in the testing phase with a small group of users over the next few months.

Session scheduling and the establishment of reminders will also arrive (perhaps it will come to sound because Telegram has beaten them to this), in addition to session co-hosting among several hosts and accessibility improvements concerning subtitles, session search, and session access.

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