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iPhone 12 changes the way Apple phones are repaired

iPhone 12 changes the way Apple phones are repaired

It seems that Apple will stop replacing phones when an iPhone has hardware problems. This method seems to be coming to an end thanks to the company’s new strategy with its iPhone 12 family.

Until today, when an iPhone or other Apple device experiences hardware problems, Apple technicians perform an analysis of the device to determine if it can be easily repaired or if the device should be replaced entirely if the affected component is remotely difficult to fix. Now it seems that the company has found a way to more easily fix these hardware parts that until now gave it nothing but headaches, eliminating the need to deliver a new iPhone to the affected user.

The new way to fix the iPhone 12

You should always treat your iPhone with care because, if it is out of warranty, fixing certain components, such as the iPhone screen, can cost you a handful amount of money. Fortunately the company is evolving, even if it’s later rather than sooner, and is going to make it easier to repair at least some of its new phones.

iPhone 12 changes the way Apple phones are repaired
iPhone 12 changes the way Apple phones are repaired

In an internal memo sent to Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) obtained by MacRumors , Apple reported today that its service workers will soon have access to a new repair method that will allow them to fix more iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 parts without needing to order a replacement unit. Apparently the company will soon be able to repair components such as Face ID sensors and even cracked rear glass on iPhone 12 models, something that until now involved replacing the iPhone with a new one.

The new “iPhone Rear System,” as this new repair strategy is called, will allow Apple to replace the phone’s motherboard, Face ID sensors and even the back glass of an iPhone much more easily. If right now you go to an Apple Store with a problem affecting these components, the Cupertino employee will only give you the option of replacing the device with a new one. But in a few weeks the situation may change.

The camera problems might still get the user a replacement iPhone

Of course, although now repair more components of the iPhone is easier, there are others that still involve changing the device. As of today, the only components that will not be eligible for same-unit repair are the cameras, which still require a replacement unit.


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