New Apple Watch Series 6 ad focuses on ECG

New New Apple Watch Series 6 ad focuses on ECGsWatch Series 6 ad focuses on ECGs

Apple has been using the slogan ‘The future of health is on your wrist’ for some time to frame the line of action of the new Apple Watch. Since the arrival of electrocardiograms (ECG) on Series 4, health has seen significant investment.

In fact, we could see the integration of a pulse oximeter in Series 6 and it is likely that we will see a blood glucose detector in Series 7. Or at least that’s what the rumors say. To boost the idea of being able to perform ECG with the Watch, Apple wanted to launch a new ad focusing on this function. An advertisement in which almost 5 million dollars have been invested and which has not yet been distributed by the media.

Apple Watch Series 6 will complete an ECG in 15 seconds

The ECG app on the Apple Watch Series 6 allows this man to perform an ECG test without an appointment or a fancy machine so he could go wherever he wants and do whatever he wants without worry.

This is the description of the new Apple Watch Series 6 ad. It should be emphasized that it is currently the only model marketed by Apple that allows ECG. Since the other two models, the Series 3 and SE, do not include this function that was inaugurated with the arrival of the Series 4.

New Apple Watch Series 6 ad focuses on ECGs
New Apple Watch Series 6 ad focuses on ECGs

The new ad entitled ‘An ECG here and now’ shows the simplicity and speed with which an electrocardiogram can be performed on the Apple Watch. In fact, they support the thesis that there is no need for a ‘fancy’ electrocardiograph or a doctor’s appointment. However, it should be remembered that even being able to have a single-lead electro with the Apple Watch, it can never be replaced by 12-lead electros.

This announcement has not yet appeared on Apple’s networks nor on its YouTube channel. It is available on the platform that ensures that the big apple has invested 4.7 million dollars and is expected to be launched on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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