Expected features of Apple Watch Series 6 and SE 2020

Expected features of Apple Watch Series 6 and SE 2020
Expected features of Apple Watch Series 6 and SE 2020

Apple is expected to launch Watch Series 6 and SE 2020, so we brought expected features together. This Tuesday Apple will hold one of its biggest presentation events. Among the products that could be announced are the brand’s new smartwatches, possibly the new Apple Watch Series 6 and the SE 2020.

Most likely, the new iPhone 12 will be presented at this event, but Apple is also expected to announce its new Series 6 smartwatch and a cheap model known as Apple Watch SE 2020.

Apple Watch Series 6 expected features

According to rumors, the changes expected for this new series will not be so relevant. The design will be the same, Apple has set its own style , in many cases imitated by other brands so it is not surprising they keep their style.

The main changes will be inside. These new watches will probably be able to monitor blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). When we exercise blood oxygen saturation rate should be between %90 and 100%, with optimal rate our muscles perform better and healthier. If the oxygen value drops below 89%, it is something to keep in mind that it could be dangerous for your health.

In addition to being useful when exercising, this new sensor could be used to learn about the quality of sleep or the level of stress accumulated by the user at certain times.

This new model will be launched in two different versions: one with 40mm screen and another with 44mm. In the bigger version the OLED screen will probably look better. Finally, the Apple Watch Series 6 will come with a faster processor and will say goodbye to the Force Touch function.

Apple Watch SE 2020 expected features

The rumors indicate that together with Apple Watch Series 6, there will be a more affordable version called Apple Watch SE 2020.

Expected features of Apple Watch Series 6 and SE 2020
Expected features of Apple Watch Series 6 and SE 2020

The strategy is similar to the one that they already use with the iPhone SE 2020. This new watch will replace the Apple Watch Series 3 that is still on sale. Currently Series 3 is the cheapest model.

According to some rumors, this new cheap watch will come with the M9 coprocessor. Originally these M-series coprocessors used to be incorporated as separate chips in older iPhones but now they are integrated within the main processor. For example, the M9 chip was originally integrated with the iPhone 6s A9 processor and this way it allowed step tracking function.

We are almost sure that the design will be the same as Series 6, with GPS, but without ECG. We will only have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to find out everything else.