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LiDAR-enabled Apple VR could launch in early 2022

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LiDAR-enabled Apple VR could launch in early 2022. Apple’s virtual reality glasses are starting to look like the famous AirTag trackers. Lots of rumors but no one has seen one. Except for the enlightened Jon Prosser, of course.

Apple VR could launch in early 2022

What seems to be clear is that when the river flows, the water flows. So sooner or later “Apple VR” will be a reality. Now it seems that its launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2022. We will see.

China Times has published today a report explaining in detail several interesting facts about the production of Apple’s virtual reality glasses, the rumored “Apple VR“.

The article explains that the industrial design of Apple’s VR headsets will be close to that of other brands of similar VR devices. The headset is said to feature six lenses and an optical LiDAR scanner to map the user’s environment.

LiDAR-enabled, Apple VR could launch in early 2022
LiDAR-enabled Apple VR could launch in early 2022

It adds that most of the components for the glasses will be manufactured starting in the fourth quarter of 2021. JP Morgan revealed some of Apple’s suppliers for the device, including TSMC for the device’s processor, Largan and Genius Electronic Optical for the camera lenses, and Pegatron for assembly. The report also notes that the supply chain for the “Apple VR” is mainly concentrated in Taiwan.

It appears that Apple’s VR headsets will be targeted at the higher end of the consumer market, with prices more expensive than VR headsets currently on the market. This is explained by the cost of the device components, which may exceed $500.

This backs up Mark Gurman’s recent report that claimed Apple’s VR goggles will be much more expensive than rivals with a value similar to other Apple products, such as the Mac Pro.

Moving on, DigiTimes has just reported that Pegatron and Quanta Computer are competing for final assembly orders for Apple’s augmented reality glasses. Foxconn has reportedly already signed orders for component assembly. Lots of noise and not seeing a drop of water in the river yet.

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