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How to use the LiDAR sensor on iPad Pro like a pro?

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If you have an iPad Pro with a LiDAR sensor, today we are going to show you how to have fun with it, after this guide you’ll be able to take advantage of this feature like a pro. The iPad Pro features an incredible camera crowned by a LiDAR sensor that allows you to have a very good video experience. Although many people do not know how to use it very well.

How to use the LiDAR sensor on iPad Pro like a pro?

Take advantage of the augmented reality

The iPad Pro’s LiDAR sensor is certainly focused on a whole range of functions related to augmented reality. This is a technology whose main mission is to improve everything related to this functionality that will mark the future in the words of Tim Cook himself. One of the functions that will allow you to take advantage of this sensor is undoubtedly the ability to measure objects without having to have a meter or a ruler. The iPad itself integrates an application that makes use of augmented reality to take two different points and make a precise calculation.

But this is actually the most basic thing to do with the LiDAR sensor. This same concept can be taken to a higher level with applications that can allow you to create maps on the fly of any type of construction. Simply by opening the camera and focusing on all the walls, the measurements, the area or the location of doors and windows will be recorded. This undoubtedly makes it a very powerful tool to make a field report. If you want to renovate your house this is a great way to take advantage of the LiDAR sensor of the iPad Pro.

How to use LiDAR sensor on iPad Pro like a pro?
How to use LiDAR sensor on iPad Pro like a pro?

And if you want to go to a higher level you can use other applications such as Polycom that allows you to capture the world around you by scanning in 3D all objects and spaces. When you have this 3D capture on the iPad Pro you get a much better result than on a simple plane because you can take measurements in centimeters anywhere. This is undoubtedly the most interesting way to get the best performance from the iPad Pro LiDAR sensor.

Have fun with the LiDAR sensor

Not everything that can be done in this life should be related to productivity or work, but games should also be left behind. Thanks to the LiDAR sensor you can make use of some video games that are integrated with augmented reality to promote a greater immersion within the experience that the developer wants to offer.

The LiDAR sensor allows having a better experience because you can play a lot with the depths and detect the objects that the camera is capturing. One of the games you can take advantage of this AR feature is for example Hot Lava which is within the Apple Arcade subscription. This has always been one of the most prominent games in AR for different platforms such as PC or console. Now thanks to the LiDAR sensor you will transfer the experience to your own iPad Pro.

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