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Nintendo sees hacking as a problem which gets worse

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Nintendo sees hacking as a problem which is getting worse. It is no secret that Nintendo has no problem defending its property in court. But there is a field in which the company has not been so successful: console hacking and piracy. Recently the company filed a new lawsuit against a vendor by the name of Le Hoang Minh, who offered RCM Loader software. He hacked into the console to run unauthorized copies of their games. But this is just one of many lawsuits the company has filed against similar vendors on other digital platforms around the world.

“Plaintiff Nintendo of America Inc. is bringing this action against defendant Le Hoang Minh, for circumventing a technological protection measure that controls access to a copyrighted work and traffic on devices intended to circumvent technological protection measures” the document says.

More interestingly, Nintendo refers to piracy with the hacking of consoles as a “serious problem, which is worsening internationally”. The company has not presented any analysis with concrete data, but the statement would indicate that the popularity of the Nintendo Switch has also increased the number of users who have used non-legitimate methods to obtain games. Something that makes sense, when one accesses second-hand console sales pages and observes the number of programmed consoles on the market.

Nintendo sees hacking as a problem that is getting worse
Nintendo sees hacking as a problem that is getting worse

Unfortunately, the actions that Nintendo can take to prevent or punish those who violate its consoles are limited. This year Nintendo got the members of Team Xecuter, who had a similar model. Gary Bowser and Max Louarn were arrested and assigned 11 charges related to the illegal trafficking of hardware and software. Added to this is the fact that the Switch, being such a popular console, only attracts more attention from users, so more sites and suppliers (especially in countries where the price of the dollar is much higher and Nintendo’s reach is more limited) are offering these options.

Nintendo sees hacking as a problem that is getting worse. Again, Nintendo is one of the companies with a history of going to court to defend its intellectual property. In 2018 the company implemented a campaign to attack the sites of emulators of their games (something that won them 12 million dollars).

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