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Game & Watch: Nintendo reveals the specs of its new miniconsole

Game & Watch
Game & Watch

Game & Watch is a new miniconsole by Nintendo. It’s the 25th anniversary of the company’s legendary game Super Mario and this device is a part of the celebration. It is inspired by the first portable consoles that Nintendo launched back in the 80s. It will be a really interesting piece for those who have the older version back in the day.

Nintendo Game & Watch release date, specs and price

It will be released on November 13. Also it will be a limited edition and it is expected to be sold out soon. Game & Watch will have a $49.99 price tag in the United States. Not a bad price if you are a collector or a big fan of the Super Mario series. It will be a part of Super Mario All-Stars on Nintendo Switch Online.

As for the device itself, Game & Watch is very small and has an LCD screen, there are arrow keys on the left and there are three more buttons to choose which game to play and to enter the clock function. There’s a USB socket for charging and it has a cable included in the box.

You can see all the details of the new version of Nintendo’s legendary piece in the following video.