New storage management tool came to WhatsApp

New storage management tool on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is bringing a new storage management tool. Sending and forwarding multimedia content through social networks and messaging applications is a practice that many users reproduce compulsively and this causes unnecessary inflation of storage capacity and in extreme cases gradually depletes device space.

WhatsApp aims to improve the management of this content and has therefore redesigned its storage management tool to help users find and delete files that take too much space on our mobiles.

The new tool “will be released to users worldwide this week,” the developer announces and will be available in the application’s Configuration> Storage & Data> Manage Storage tool.

The current “manage storage” tool simply sorts all available chats by the amount of space they occupy, listing the number of messages, photos, GIFs and videos in each chat, and allowing the user to remove each category with a few taps. It is useful but does not offer users a way to explore the content they are deleting. This is important if you need to delete disposable material, but not important content.

New storage management tool on WhatsApp
New storage management tool on WhatsApp

In comparison, the new tool will offer content thumbnails to remove and group this data into categories, including filters such as “Forwarded many times” and “More than 5 MB”. This should make it easier for users to identify content that they no longer need or want, and that can simply be deleted. You can see a preview of the new tool in action:

WhatsApp’s new storage management tool will join another feature we recently saw that will allow silent group output in perpetuity. This way you will be able to organize your mobile phone way better. We will look forward to improvements in Whatsapp.

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