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Comparison: WPA2-AES vs WPA2-TKIP, which is better?

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The encryption standards WPA2-AES and WPA2-TKIP are used on all modern routers, so we prepared a comparison to see which is better to protect our WiFi networks and passwords.

Having a correct Wi-Fi password that is secure and complex is essential. In this way we can keep away possible intruders who are looking for a way to enter our accounts. But it does not only matter the key that we are going to choose, and that is what exists called encryption. We have several options at our disposal.

Modern routers allow you to choose between various types and not all of them are going to be secure. In this article we are going to focus on the passwords that use WPA2-AES and WPA2-TKIP.

To protect the network is something fundamental

First of all we want to remember the importance of correctly protecting our wireless networks. There are many types of attacks that intruders can use to break our security. That is why we must make use of tools and methods that can adequately protect us.

The fact that there are intruders on our networks can put your privacy and security at risk. You may have access to other connected equipment as well as be able to collect personal information.

But in addition to this, as we can imagine, it will also pose a problem for performance. It is a fact that the more computers you have connected and using a network, the more problems regarding speed, quality and stability there may be. If we have intruders in our Wi-Fi it can suppose that the speed drops noticeably.

In short, protecting our wireless networks is going to be fundamental and that we must always keep in mind. That yes, it is necessary to correctly choose the key that we are going to use, as well as the type of encryption within the possibilities that we have at our disposal.

WPA2-AES vs WPA2-TKIP passwords

Among the options that we can see when using Wi-Fi encryption, possibly the most used are WPA2-AES and WPA2-TKIP. It must be said that today they are the safest, since others such as WEP and WPA (both in their different variants) have become obsolete and there are different tools that allow them to be exploited. This makes it not recommended to use them at present.

Now, within the two types that we can consider safe, they are not equally. And we can say that the ideal would be to use WPA2-AES. It is the most reliable type of encryption. It uses the latest Wi-Fi encryption standard and the latest AES encryption.

The TKIP encryption is discharged from the WiFi Alliance. This means that new routers should not use it as it is not considered fully secure today. Therefore whenever possible we should avoid it.

WPA2-TKIP uses the modern WPA2 standard but makes use of old TKIP encryption. Hence, its use is not recommended today if we want to maximize the security of our networks.

We can say then that if we compare the Wi-Fi passwords WPA2-AES and WPA2-TKIP, the safest option is to use the first option. It is the one that will offer us a greater guarantee and have fewer security problems that can compromise our networks.

Keep in mind that there are also differences in speed. If we use WPA2-AES we will obtain better results, while WPA2-TKIP is affected when sending packets and receiving data. It is another of the factors that we must take into account, beyond the security that is logically the main one.

Are there any compatibility issues?

However, keep in mind that on certain occasions it will be impossible to use WPA2-AES. The reason is that some older devices will not be able to connect to networks that use this more modern encryption and have to make use of WPA2-TKIP.

This is one of the disadvantages that we can find in certain situations. Some users are forced to use older encryption such as WPA2-TKIP in order to connect other computers.

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