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#ReleaseTheSnyderCut: Why DC fans asked for a Justice League director’s version for years?

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Justice League Snyder’s Cut is coming… Almost three years after the premiere of the criticized film that brought together the great heroes of DC, and after thousands of requests from fans to see the original version of the project, it was announced that the story will be released on the HBO Max platform in 2021.

Three years have passed since the premiere of Justice League , the film that brought together the versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg from DCU, and that did not leave the followers of these superheroes at all satisfied.

The premiere of this production, which came after the great success of Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins, was full of controversy . The tape was originally filmed and finished by Zack Snyder , however, the filmmaker abandoned the project after the death of his daughter. After this, everything was in the hands of Joss Whedon , which brought several changes.

Among the plan of modifications requested by the studio, several re-recordings of scenes stand out, which changed important aspects of the plot . Both critics and followers questioned that there were moments that felt very forced and that it was possible to identify which were the new scenes included, since the incorporations broke the somewhat darker and more serious tone of Snyder for moments of humor under a more playful look of Whedon’s heroes.

One of the most controversial, and that became a great meme, was the mustache of Henry Cavill (Superman), since a scene was added that was filmed when the actor was filming another movie where he should have grown a mustache , which was digitally removed, achieving an image that bothered and made several laugh.

This is why many of the DCU fans were demanding that Warner Bros. release the version that Snyder shot in its entirety, which would contain several new scenes that, they speculate, could improve the film. Request that increased with the confirmation that the version existed: in this way the request was born and the hashtag “release the Snyder cut” .

It was even the own interpreter of the Amazon princess of Themyscira, Gal Gadot, who joined this initiative in 2017 and popularized the petition under #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.

This is how we arrived at this Wednesday, when The Hollywood Reporter  detailed that already in November of last year the chairman of the company, Toby Emmerich, began conversations with Zack Snyder. Even the same director after Batman v Superman and Man of Steel had commented on it at an event this day.

Hours later, and to the delight of fans, HBO Max confirmed that in 2012 the long-awaited Justice League Snyder’s Cut will premiere on its streaming platform.

“I want to thank everyone at HBO Max and Warner Brothers for this brave gesture , by supporting artists and allowing their true visions to come true. Also a special thanks to all those who were involved in the SnyderCut movement, for making it a reality,” said Snyder himself .

While the “man of steel” himself, Henry Cavill , commented on his Facebook account that “I know that for a long time there have been two sides to all this of the Snyder Cut and whether it would happen or not. Just remember, now we will all have more  Justice League , so we all win . So be cordial. Congratulations to Mr. Snyder”.

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